Abundance - Prosperity - Longevity

Advocating Wellness through the use of Therapeutic grade essential oils, to prolong the effect of Therapy, or simply enhance your well being.

Our services include Physical therapy, Pilates and Fitness training. We provide quality, Personalized, one-on-one treatment for all our Therapy patients and Private or duet training for our Fitness clients

Our private rooms ensure discretion, Personal well being and Privacy for manual Treatment and Modalities

For the active part of your Therapy and Rehabilitation, we  use traditional Therapeutic exercises equipment as well as Pilates apparatus, and Borrow from the Pilates technique, to reach our therapy goals

Claude's art

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Brighton's wall art features Claude's paintings and drawing, reproductions on Aluminum

all High definition prints courtesy of 

emotional and physical wellness

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Physical Therap​y

Pilates Studio, Fitness training

The Boutique approach to Physical therapy

and Fitness training

For all you Home Therapy and fitness needs