To ease the registration process and meet insurance requirementS, PLEASE provide the following documents BEFORE your initial visit:

  • A Prescription from your Doctor for Physical therapy treatments 

  • A valid ID

  • Your Insurance card

  • completed registration forms (see below for downloads)

Medicare Functional Questionnaire for upper extremity (Shoulder - Elbow - Wrist/Hand)

Lower Extremity Questionnaire

We are a PT-Owned and Operated outpatient rehabilitation clinic, Pilates studio and Fitness center, Located in the Beverly Hills Medical Tower​ in Los Angeles, staffed with licensed physical therapists and Pilates Instructors. 

We devote individualized, one-on-one, personal attention to each and every one of our patients. 

all of our Treatment Rooms are private to Ensure patient privacy and provide a distraction-free environment for our therapists to deliver the personalized, professional care our patients deserve.

during rehabilitation, patients are educated by their therapist to maintain maximum flexibility and pain-free living long after our work ends.

Our therapists successfully treat all types of injuries and conditions. 

We are a Medicare provider and welcome all insurances, call today (310) 201-1600 for your complimentary insurance verification.

Lower Extremity Questionnaire

Medicare patients:

Orthopedic/musculoskeletal injuries
Sports, dance, and occupational injuries
Bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis
Low back pain
Herniated discs
Chronic pain
Post fracture and post surgical care
Stress and tension related problems
Age-related stiffness
Balance disorders
Repetitive stress injury
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Myofascial pain
Neck and TMJ pain/dysfunction
Auto injuries and whiplash
Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation
Tennis elbow
Shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries
Knee and ankle injuries
Muscle strains

  • Manual therapy (joint and neural mobilization, myofascial  release, myofascial  decompression,  Mulligan Technique, deep tissue massage, dynamic cupping)

  • Therapeutic exercises (Pilates, core training, postural exercise, balance, strengthening)

  • Stretching exercises

  • MCKenzie exercises

  • Modalities (heat, cold, Infrared Cold Laser, ultrasound and electrical stimulation, phonophoresis, iontophoresis, paraffin)

  • Pain management

  • Taping

  • Custom orthotics

  • Individualized fitness programs

  • Stress management

  • Patient education

  • Posture education

  • Ergonomics instruction

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

During your first session, you receive a complete evaluation to determine the most effective treatment program for your needs. Treatments are full-length, one-on-one sessions, directed by licensed physical therapist.s Our dedicated team will see you through your individuALIZED rehabilitation.

Meet our Therapists

New patient Intake form - Insurance  

Brighton Therapy

Our individualized, integrative treatment may include, but is not limited to:

Medicare Functional Questionnaire for Back

Scott Brosnahan, PTA

Physical Therapy Assistant, fitness specialist, Nutrition Coach

Physical Therap​y

Pilates Studio, Fitness training

Medicare Functional Questionnaire for lower extremity (Hip - Knee - Ankle/Foot)

Lower Extremity Questionnaire

New patient Intake form - Cash  

Maximizing Movement

Abundance - Prosperity - Longevity

Cash patients:

Lower Extremity Questionnaire

Chronic pain and movement limitation mean that you enjoy your life less. We find what is wrong and we also find out what you want to be able to do physically. We help you heal your body so you can live your fullest life.

Medicare Functional Questionnaire for Neck

Insurance patients:

Philippe Pouilloux, PT

Physical Therapist, Director


We help you learn to work with your body to restore mobility through concentrated, specialized exercises and stretches. Our patients typically find their movement is restored without needing surgery. And, While Exercise is essential for any successful rehabilitation,  nothing can substitute for experienced manual skills to detect the subtleties that underlie most injuries.  We get to the core of the injury and give you the tools to implement a better path forward.

We treat:

Medicare requires patients to complete a functional assessment questionnaire. Please download and complete one or more of the following forms as they relate to the area(s) to be treated

Quality of Life Improvement

We help heal your body.

Please follow this link and fill-out the patient registration:                         

then dowload and complete the appropriate forms below.

You can return the completed forms:

  • in person during your first visit, 

  • via e-mail: ,

  • or via fax: (310) 201-1604

New patient Intake form - Medicare